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Protection in the stable with stable shoes for your child

Stable shoes for your child offer a lot of protection. If your child practices equestrian sport, then he or she is just as busy with driving as with work in the stable. The stable work is tough because the horse has to be cared for, the stable has to be cleaned and mucked out and everything has to be put back in place. That is why it is important that your child wears protective shoes and children's stable shoes are specifically designed for this.

Stable shoes for children

All our stable shoes have been carefully selected for quality and the Dutch climate. The shoes are strong and resistant to corrosive substances such as urine. It is important that you rinse them regularly to remove these substances. The shoes also have hardened toes, so they are protected in the event of an accident. You can buy thinner stable shoes for the summer and padded stable shoes for the winter. Naturally, all our shoes are very comfortable and offer reinforcement where necessary.

Take your time to browse our range

The best thing you do if you want to buy children's stable shoes is to browse our range. You will find a pair of shoes in the size and style of your child and that within your budget. We always try to use the best price / quality ratio and this is reflected in our products. Your child's equipment is complete with a nice pair of stable shoes.