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Stable Shoes

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MHS Equestrian has a wide range of stable shoes

If you like horseback riding, you need a good pair of boots, but stable shoes should not be missing from your equipment. You may wonder why you also need special shoes for the stable. You can recognize a stable shoe because they are very comfortable and at the same time strong. For example, they have a reinforced nose to protect your toes and prevent wear. In addition, they are made of a material that is not damaged by urine and other substances in the stable.

Stable shoes in every size

At MHS Equestrian we offer shoes in a variety of sizes and designs. Choose a pair of stable winter shoes for when it is really cold outside and a lower and less heavy pair for when it is warmer. We have leather shoes, but also shoes of other materials. You can work with it for hours in the stable without your feet getting cold and damaging your shoes. Stable shoes are waterproof, but do clean them regularly. There are caustic substances in the stable that can damage the stitching in the long term. You can then use your MHS Equestrian shoes for many years.