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A rider body warmer from MHS Equestrian is indispensable in the Netherlands

With a rider body warmer you will be nice and warm, but you can still move well. A body warmer is ideal for every rider, not only because it is a very practical garment, but also because it looks great. MHS Equestrian offers a number of rider body warmers where comfort and style are paramount. And since the weather in the Netherlands can change quite often, it is a piece of clothing that will often help you out.

You wear a rider body warmer all year round

A body warmer is an investment that will help you throughout the year. Just to be on the safe side, bring a body warmer in the summer and you don't have to be cold during your break or when the weather changes. Fall and spring are probably the best for you if you wear your body warmer over your sweater as an extra layer. And in winter it is an ideal garment for use in the stable or under your raincoat.

The body warmers from MHS Equestrian

The range of body warmers that we present here has been carefully selected for quality and style. We have several options, such as quilted or lined, a body warmer with small sleeves, a variety of colors, styles and materials. With us you can buy a rider body warmer for men, women and children, in a variety of sizes and budget options. You go with it comfortably and in style.