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No riding equipment is complete without a rider's sweater

As a horse lover you spend a lot of time outdoors and a rider sweater is a practical item of clothing in any season. You undoubtedly know how changeable the Dutch weather can be and how you are in the sun one moment and the rain the next. Bring a sweater or wear it under your jacket and you always have an extra layer to take off or on. MHS Equestrian sweaters are carefully selected for quality, style and materials.

Which rider sweater is right for you?

When choosing a rider's sweat jacket, you have a large number of choices. First of all, we offer sweaters for men, women and children and in various sizes. You then have to choose which type of cardigan you need and then you can choose from a fleece cardigan, a hoodie, a bomber cardigan, a pulli, a sweat cardigan or a standard sweater. With us you will find it all and that in different colors and styles.

A sweater is for every season

If you decide to buy a rider sweater from us, you invest in a garment that will never be in the closet for long. In the winter it gives extra warmth under your jacket, in the summer you use your sweater when the weather changes or when you take a break and in the fall and spring it is an extra layer that you can put on and take off if necessary.