Riding blouse

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A riding blouse for competitions or outdoor rides

A beautiful riding blouse can be worn just as well during competitions as during outdoor rides. During competitions there are rules regarding what you wear and an official competition blouse is a great choice. If you drive outside a lot, a blouse is comfortable, breathable and elegant. To my MHS Equestrian, we know that equestrian clothing should be stylish as well as practical. That is why we have carefully selected our range of blouses and made a nice selection based on quality and appearance.

The hallmarks of a good riding blouse

Riding blouses must meet a number of conditions. While you are on your horse you don't want to be distracted and hindered in your movement. That is why it is important that your blouse is made of a breathable material and you do not sweat excessively when wearing it. Then it should sit comfortably and not be too tight. Finally, you have to like your blouse. Whether you use it for competitions or outdoor rides, everything will automatically go better with a blouse that you feel confident in.

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With us you will find official competition shirts and regular blouses that make riding a pleasure. We have clothing for men, women and children in various sizes. If you want to buy a riding blouse, you will find a suitable garment with us. A blouse offers style, comfort and confidence while driving.