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A riding fleece vest is an essential part of any equipment

A riding fleece vest is a garment that is at home in all markets. It can be worn in any season without sacrificing style. The riding fleece vests from MHS Equestrian are warm, they breathe well, are comfortable and are available in a variety of designs. There must be a color and size for you.

The versatility of a riding fleece vest

After you have bought your fleece vest, you probably cannot live without it. In winter it provides extra warmth under your riding winter jacket. In the fall and spring you use your fleece jacket as an extra layer that you can take off or put on if necessary. And in the summer you bring your fleece vest to keep you warm during a break or when the weather changes. Fleece vests are therefore always usable and practical, but the vests from MHS Equestrian are also very beautiful.

Our fleece vests

Everyone can buy a riding fleece vest from us. We have vests for kids, women and men, in a variety of sizes, in a variety of colors and from all your favorite equestrian brands. In addition, there is bound to be a vest that falls within your budget. Since we select on quality, you do not have to be cold for the first few years.