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A riding sweater is for every season

As a horse rider you are always outside and in the Dutch climate a riding sweater is a garment that you will use a lot. Even in summer, the weather can quickly change and you will be happy to have your sweater with you to keep you warm. At MHS Equestrian we offer a wide range of riding sweaters that have been carefully selected for quality, material and appearance. You know that you are purchasing a product from us that will last a long time and that you want to be seen in.

Don't go out without your riding sweater

A good sweater should not be missing from any riding equipment. That's because it is useful in every season. In the summer, take it with you for when you cool down during breaks or in case the weather changes. In the spring and fall, a layer more or less can make a big difference. And in winter you wear your riding sweat jacket under your jacket to keep you warm.

The sweaters from MHS Equestrian

We have a wide range of sweaters for women, men and children. With us you can buy a riding sweater that matches your style. We offer a variety of sizes, a variety of colors and styles and of course all your favorite equestrian brands are represented. With that you will be well prepared and confident on the road.