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As the name implies, a waterproof riding jacket will ensure that you will never be bothered by precipitation again. Waterproof riding jackets are made in such a way that they do not let moisture through. This way you can go horse riding in the rain with peace of mind, without getting wet to your socks. A riding jacket is waterproof thanks to the material it is made of. Additional forms of protection can also be applied on the inside.

Why do you choose a waterproof riding jacket?

There is no riding jacket that protects you better against the rain than a variant that is waterproof. Even moisture that splashes while driving will not hurt you. Horse riding is simply an outdoor activity, but the weather is not always optimal. Thanks to a waterproof riding jacket from our range, you are resistant to wind and weather. You never have to stay inside again, you can always go out when you want. Moreover, you can shop with us for low prices.