Safety while riding: very important

Safety while riding is an element that you should never lose. Often things go well, but of course it can happen that something goes wrong. But the prevention of errors or accidents is also recommended. The rider's safety is of great importance. Fortunately, there are several products you can buy to increase safety while riding. Within the range of our online shop you will find everything you need to ride your horse completely safely.

Horseback riding safety: what gear do I need?

You can increase safety on the horse in various ways. First, there is safety clothing for riding. You can wear these types of clothing on the horse to protect yourself, for example in the event of a fall. A riding cap is a good example of this. This will prevent an excessive impact if you hit something with your head. In addition, there are body protectors that, as the name implies, protect your body during a fall. These are available for both children and adults. Not only do you want to be protected in the event of an accident, but you also want to prevent accidents. In that case it is advisable to use reflective clothing. This way you are clearly visible at all times, even when it is dark for example. Within our range you will find various types of reflective vests. You could also opt for reflective gloves or lights that you hang on your riding boots, for example. This way you are always clearly visible and you prevent potential accidents.