Order protectors for a rider at MHS Equestrian

Rider protectors are an excellent way to increase safety while riding. Although you do not assume, an accident can sometimes be in a small corner. A fall from a horse can be particularly unpleasant, so it is advisable to optimally protect yourself against such a fall. Especially when you are riding outside, you can end up annoying. To prevent the risk of injury, you can use a protector as a rider.

Protectors for a rider: in all shapes and sizes

There are various types of riders, and if you are looking for a protector for a rider, you should take this into account. Fortunately, there are all kinds of protectors available for a rider. For example, there are suitable protectors for both adults and children within our range. In addition, there are various sizes that you can choose from. In terms of sizes you can choose from everything from extra small to extra large. You can also choose from some of the best brands of the moment. You can think of brands such as BR and Premiere. There is therefore a suitable body protector for everyone at our online shop. You are guaranteed of high quality, so that you can sit on your horse with peace of mind. You are just a little more comfortable on the saddle when you know that you have extra protection. Moreover, you can find products with us for a good price. The range is diverse, so that there is something for everyone. In addition, the customer conditions are pleasant. For example, you have a 30-day reflection period, the shipping costs are free from 49 euros and we will send every order that you place before 5 pm to you the same day.