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Fast cleaner for horses, especially for fungi.

Equilux cleans coat, tail and mane without water and without washing in a few minutes. You have to go to the competition in the early morning, you are in a hurry and the fungus has already slept on its homemade bio-heater? No problem with Equilux! Spray on the horse quickly, let it take effect, wipe with a cloth or kitchen paper - Kees is ready!

The infamous yellow spots on fungi and the gray veil on black and brown horses disappear at once. Equilux is ready to use. The coat does not need to be moistened or washed beforehand. This means that Equilux can also be used in winter or when the horse has a cold. Equilux dries quickly, is non-greasy and odorless. This saves a lot of time when brushing the horse. The active ingredients quickly and thoroughly remove stains from manure, urine, grass, dirt, etc. Equilux protects fur, tail and mane. It gives a nice shine and makes coat and hair dirt-repellent. Equilux is also available as a roll-on bottle for removing small spots, for use on the horse's face and for scary horses. You can conveniently take it to a competition. Equilux is non-toxic, gently caring and does not interfere with skin breathing.

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