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At MHS Equestre you will find different types of single-jointed bits, for example, a eggbut snaffle and a snaffle. Choose a bit that fits well with your shetland or mini horse.

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  1. BR single Broken Backing bartack Soft Contact 12 mm Ø 50 mm
    BR single Broken Backing bartack Soft Contact 12 mm Ø 50 mm
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A bite bit consists of two rings and a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can have different shapes. The shape and attachment of the rings to the mouthpiece can also vary. The mouthpiece is unbroken, single-broken or double-broken.

With a single-broken bit, the nozzle consists of two parts that are of the same length. They are connected by a hinge in the middle. When the reins are pressed, the bit hinges, so that the pressure is distributed over the tongue, the palate and the layers; the soft part in the mouth of your shetland or miniature horse, between the teeth and molars.

Bustrens and water snaffle

MHS Equestrian offers different types of single-broken bits, for example, the bustrens and the water bite. In the case of a bustrens, the mouthpiece flows smoothly into the rings. With a water bite, the bit rings run through the mouthpiece and can rotate freely. The bit gets a nice stable and quiet location in the mouth of your shetlander or miniature horse, especially with the bustrens. Because the rings on the water ring can rotate independently of each other, this bit is a bit looser in the mouth.

Toggle bit and menbit

A toggle snatch has metal rods next to the bit rings. This bit therefore also has a stable location. It cannot be pulled through the mouth of your shetland and the pressure against the cheek makes it easy to steer your horse with this bit. You can find multiple toggle bit bits in our webshop, including from our own quality brand MHS.

A Liverpool is usually used for driving. The slots in the scissors give different options for attaching the reins, the effect varies.

A well-fitting bit

Of course it is important that your shetlander or mini-horse has a bit that fits well. An average mini-horse will need a bit of 9 cm and a shetland has an average bit size of 10 cm. In our bit size chart you will find the dimensions of the various bits that we offer in our webshop, including Harry’s Horse, FRA and our own MHS collection.