With the bridles and browbands in our extensive collection, driving or training your mini horse or shetland pony becomes an even more fun affair. The bridles are unique and the browbands fit every occasion.

With the bridles and browbands of our extensive collection, the driving or training your miniature horse or Shetland will be an enjoyable affair even more. The bridles are unique, as you will read below. Our front belts are also an excelent fit for any occasion.
The bridles and browbands in our range are made of high quality leather, padded softly and neatly finished. All this to make it most comfortable for your miniature horse or Shetland pony.

Our selection features highly qualified bridles and browbands like Premiere and Harry's Horse. And because easy usage is top priority, in addition to quality, we created a private line, the MHS collection.
For the care and maintenance of your bridle and browband, we have different products.


Our range features bridles with a double, high or low noseband to add convenience, both for you and for your mini horse or Shetland pony.


Our Browbands are sold separately and are interchanged easily, so you adjust them in a snap. Moreover, you can choose a browband to your own taste, without frills or in various colours and decorated with rhinestones for a show or inspection.

For further information we refer you to the size charts and product information.