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Rigging trolleys are your best option for storing and transporting various accessories related to a rig. In addition, it is possible to opt for harness carriers. What makes harness wagons such an attractive option for a Shetlander is the fact that you can carry a lot of stuff in them. Moreover, transporting (and storing) these items is made easier than ever for you. A harness carrier for a Shetland is also an interesting option for storing and transporting harness-related items.

Harness wagons in various shapes and sizes

A rigging cart is reminiscent of a push cart in terms of design. Due to the size of the car you can store a lot of things in it, and thanks to the wheels under the car, transporting these things is also made a lot easier. A harness carrier is a somewhat smaller version without wheels, which you can also use to store and transport items around your horse's harness. These carriers are lightweight, so lifting is no problem. They also score well in terms of mobility. That is why both harness wagons and a rig carrier are recommended. At our shop you are in the right place for all your Shetland and pony stuff, so you can also come to us in this area for wagons and carriers in various shapes and sizes. So there is something for everyone. If you are not sure yet what you want to buy, you can always contact us for advice. As a customer of our shop, you benefit from our excellent customer conditions with every purchase. That is the strength of MHS Equestrian.