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Fly Masks & Fringes

Does your shetland or miniature horse suffer from flying pests in the summer? Quickly put an end to that with one of our protective fly masks or fly browbands.

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Fly masks you order online at MHS Equestrian

When the summer is in the country and the temperatures are rising, your shetlander or miniature horse can suffer a lot from flying insects. They bother your horse by buzzing around him and their bites and stings can cause nasty itching and pain.

With a fly mask you protect the vulnerable eyes of your little horse and the places around it. Your horse will try to scare the flies away by wagging its tail and shaking its head restlessly. However, this only deters the flies for a short time.

Flying loves the spots around the eyes of your shetland or miniature horse. The eye produces moisture that contains many proteins and this is a nutrient for flying insects.

Optimal protection with a fly mask

To protect your horse's eyes from flying, pull the fly mask over its head. This covers the eyes. However, your shetlander or miniature horse can simply look through the thin fabric of the mask.

At MHS Equestrian you will find a wide selection of fly masks. Thanks to the breathable, very fine-meshed material, your horse is even protected against the smallest tufts (small mosquitoes that can cause summer eczema). A zebra print on your fly mask provides extra protection, because flies prefer to stay at a distance due to the reflection of the light on this mask.

Fly Browbands

Even with a fly brow belt you protect the eyes of your horse. Because of the brightly colored cord tassels on the browband, your horse only needs to move its head slightly to dislodge the flies. The fly brow belt is very easy to attach to the halter.

Also have a look at our large collection of fly rugs to support your horse against the nuisance caused by flying insects.

Free advice from our experts

In our size chart you can see which model and which size fly mask best fits your horse. Do you want advice about the dimensions or how you can best protect your horse against flying? Ask our experts. We are available by phone on workdays between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.