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Fly Rugs Shetland

During the spring and summer, your shetland or miniature horse may suffer from flies and insects. Protect it optimally with the help of one of the fly rugs from our range.

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Protect your shetlander or miniature horse with a fly rug

In the summer you do your shetlander or mini horse a lot of fun with a fly rug. A fly blanket offers protection against stinging insects and other flying pests such as flies, gnats and mosquitoes. In warm times your horse can suffer from this.

He himself will try to scare the flies away by wagging his tail and shaking his head. This causes a lot of turmoil that can irritate your horse and injure itself.

Many choices in fly rugs at MHS Equestrian

Thanks to the protection of the fly rug, your horse will be stabbed much less. A fly rug is made of a sturdy, fine-mesh fabric through which meshes and mosquitoes cannot just stick through.

The rug is so thin that your shetlander or miniature horse does not get hot. In extreme heat you can spray the fly rug wet before you put it over your horse. In addition, most fly rug are equipped with a UV filter. Horses can also be damaged by the harmful effects of the sun.

Fly rugs in the size of your shetland or mini horse

MHS Equestrian offers a huge collection of fly rugs from all famous brands such as Premiere, Harry's Horse and our own MHS line. We have both fly blankets with or without neck part and rugs with a zebra print that reflect the light and thereby make flying extra frightening.

In our extensive size chart for rugs you can measure exactly which size rug fits best for your horse. In the instructional video you can see how our size chart works exactly.

Of course you will find fly rugs in the smallest sizes in our collection so that your mini horse is optimally protected against flies.

Other protection against flies

You can extend the protection of your shetlander or miniature horse even further with various other products from our range. Think of a fly mask and / or ear net that protect the vulnerable area around the eyes and ears of your horse. An odor-neutralizing spray can also help to reduce flying pests around your horse.

Advice from our experts

Do you have questions about the protection of your horse against flying pests? Or do you want more information about one of our products? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are available every working day from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and are happy to help.