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Leather Halters

Easily guide your shetlander or miniature horse with you with one of our beautiful leather halters. At MHS Equestre you will find the best quality leather halters at very competitive prices.

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  1. HB Leather Halter
    HB Leather Halter
  2. HB Leather Halter Extra
    HB Leather Halter Extra
  3. HB White Leather Halter Shetland
    HB White Leather Halter Shetland
  4. MHS Halter Basic
    MHS Halter Basic
  5. MHS Halter Tokyo
    MHS Halter Tokyo
  6. MHS Lacquer Leather Halter with Studs
    MHS Lacquer Leather Halter with Studs
  7. MHS Leather Chin Strap (Show Halters)
    MHS Leather Chin Strap (Show Halters)
  8. MHS Leather Halter Croco
    MHS Leather Halter Croco
  9. MHS Leather Halter Dandy
    MHS Leather Halter Dandy
  10. MHS Leather Halter Luxury
    MHS Leather Halter Luxury
  11. MHS Leather halter soft
    MHS Leather halter soft
  12. MHS Leather Halter Wynn
    MHS Leather Halter Wynn
  13. MHS Leather Halter Wynn two Colours
    MHS Leather Halter Wynn two Colours
  14. MHS Quarter Style Halter
    MHS Quarter Style Halter
  15. MHS Studs Deluxe
    MHS Studs Deluxe
  16. PFIFF leather headcollar “Tender”
    PFIFF leather headcollar “Tender”
  17. Premiere leather headcollar
    Premiere leather headcollar
  18. Premiere leather headcollar Charleroi
    Premiere leather headcollar Charleroi
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Items 1-20 of 27

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You can order leather halters quickly and safely at MHS Equestrian

Use a halter to easily take your shetlander by the hand or to secure your horse during grooming or in the stable. In our webshop you will find a wide range of halters in nylon and leather.

A leather halter will break if your shetlander or miniature horse really hangs in it and is therefore a safe choice for when you want to secure your horse. In addition, a leather halter looks stylish and the flexible material makes it comfortable and comfortable for your horse. Leather is also virtually indestructible, provided you take good care of it.

Taking care of your leather halter

By taking good care of your leather products you can extend the life span considerably. We recommend that you clean and care for your halter at least once a month. Before you start cleaning you can take the halter apart and brush it. Then scrub it with saddle soap, which removes dirt and sweat.

To keep the leather as smooth as possible, we recommend that you use little water during cleaning. The leather could otherwise become stiff. After the leather has dried well, you can treat it with a special care product, such as leather fat or leather oil.

In our range of care products you will find everything you need to keep your leather halter in the best condition.

A wide range of leather halters

All our leather halters have a high quality and are made from a delicious, supple quality leather. The sizes are perfect for the smaller horses. You can choose between different brands such as, Harry’s Horse, HB and our own quality brand MHS. Within each line you will find stylish colors and beautiful details such as studs or patent leather.

The service of MHS Equestrian

At MHS Equestrian you are always assured of sound advice from our experts. Our team is happy to help you choose one of our more than 15,000 products. We offer a standard 30-day cooling-off period and you can pay with us afterwards.