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Safety Halters

With a safety halster, your shetland pony easily frees itself from a panic situation. The halter will get loose when there is pressure applied. Order your safety halter quickly and easily online at MHS Equestre.

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Safety first with a safety halter from MHS Equestrian

For leading your shetlander, a sturdy halter is a good choice. When you secure your shetlander or pony with a halter without supervision, it is a good idea to use a safety halter for this.

If a panic situation arises, your horse can easily release itself thanks to the velcro fastener. This closure simply pops open when pressure is applied. This will prevent a greater panic in which your mini-horse could injure itself.

The halter has a "fixed" position that is less easy to open. This is useful during daily care, washing or when you lead your mini horse in or out of the trailer.

Safety through the correct dimensions

It is important that the halter fits your horse perfectly. It certainly should not be too spacious or too tight. If the halter is too large, you increase the chance that your horse will catch on something. If the halter is too small, it can cause painful pressure and abrasion spots. At MHS Equestrian we therefore pay extra attention to the dimensions of our products.

In our very extensive size chart for halters, we have measured the different sizes of all types of halters and placed them in a clear table. On the basis of the explanation you can measure exactly at home which size halter fits best with your horse.

The service of MHS Equestrian

Were you able to make a choice and placed your online order before 17:00 (on business days)? We will ensure that your halter is sent to you the same day.

Should the halter not fit despite your careful measurement, then that is no problem at all. You can return it to us up to 30 days after ordering. You also have the option to pay for your order afterwards.

Do you have questions about one of the products from our collection? Then please contact us! You can contact us with all your questions. Our team of experts is happy to help.