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Horse Feed & Supplements

From rugs to saddles, saddle pads and care products. Even for the smallest shetland and miniature horses, you are guaranteed to succeed.

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  1. Likit Treat Bar
    Likit Treat Bar
  2. Hofman Linseed Oil (Linseed oil)
    Hofman Linseed Oil (Linseed oil)
  3. Himalayan Mini Lick 1 - 1,5 kg
    Himalayan Mini Lick 1 - 1,5 kg
  4. Likit ICE-Himalayan Rock Salt
    Likit ICE-Himalayan Rock Salt
  5. Excellent Flaxseed Oil
    Excellent Flaxseed Oil
  6. Sectolin Fenugreek 1 kg
    Sectolin Fenugreek 1 kg
  7. Hofman Vitasporal Horse
    Hofman Vitasporal Horse
  8. Sectolin Flaxseed Oil
    Sectolin Flaxseed Oil
  9. PFIFF EquiPower linseed oil
    PFIFF EquiPower linseed oil
  10. Hofman Fenugreek (fenugreek)
    Hofman Fenugreek (fenugreek)
  11. Hofman Sweet Lucerne
    Hofman Sweet Lucerne
  12. Hofman Sweet Garlic Blocks
    Hofman Sweet Garlic Blocks
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Good and sufficient nutrition is important for the health of your shetland or mini horse. A horse spends an average of 60% of the day on food. For that reason it is therefore advisable to ensure that sufficient roughage is available at any desired moment. Think of hay and grass. There are always times when your horse can use that little bit extra. For example, to get a little more energy or to replenish the amount of salt after an intensive workout.

A healthy snack as a reward

Have you just come back from that beautiful ride and your horse has behaved exemplary for the sulky. Then you want to reward him for the hard work. A sugar cube is of course an option, but not really healthy and also not good for the teeth. Instead, opt for a healthy snack or a responsible horse snack.

By rewarding your horse after hard work you confirm the good behavior he has shown. Give the snack immediately after it has shown the behavior you want to see. That way your horse will soon understand that the candy is a result of good behavior.

In our webshop you will find all kinds of snacks that are great for your shetland or mini horse. They are low in sugar and often come with extra vitamins and minerals that can give your horse that little bit of extra energy after a long ride or training.


In our webshop you will find various nutritional supplements that support the health of your horse. All supplements are of the highest quality and contain no additional additives of colors, fragrances or flavors.

Lickstones are also fine nutritional supplements for your shetland or mini horse. A lick stone is a good source of salts and minerals and trace elements. Your shetland or mini-horse will therefore be happy to use the lick stone.

More information or advice? Let us know!

Do you want to know more about one of our products or do you want advice about the optimal diet or supplements for your horse? Let us know. We are available by phone every working day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and are happy to help you further.