Holly ring snaffle

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When it comes to bartacks, there are many variants, and the holly brim is one of them. The great thing about this variant is that it takes the plus points of some other snaffle variants and builds its own alternative around it. For example, a holster for the horse bit is flexible, but at the same time it also has stability. A holly ring for a bit is therefore a bit that you can build on. In addition, this type of bit has a high degree of stability.

Why a holly lens is ideal

Thanks to the stability of this type of string, your horse's lips will not be squeezed unnecessarily. This ensures that a holster is much more comfortable to wear for your horse. Moreover, you can still control the animal perfectly. Within our range you will find various variants of the holly lens. You can decide for yourself what you like best. Of course the prices are low. Not sure what you need? You can always contact us for expert advice.