mini shetland halter

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Mini shetland halter

A halter is ideal for guiding a mini shetland. You need to attach a lead to the halter. The ideal halter for a mini shet does not irritate your animal and is also easy to handle for you as a companion. You have different types of halters, namely stable halters and show dumbbells. Stall halters are usually made of nylon or cotton. These halters are often also available in cheerful colors and are very user-friendly. You can use the mini shetland halter around the stable, in the pasture or near the paddock. Show halters are very stylish and usually available in black or brown leather. These halters are actually only used during inspections and shows. Your horse will look very stylish.

What can I expect from the mini shetland halter

A mini shet halter will ensure that you can guide your shetland while walking. Comfort is very important, especially in competitions, because a horse that is comfortable performs a lot better than a horse that is not. A good halter does not irritate or pinch. It is important that a halter has the right fit and size and is preferably adjustable.