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Saddle jewel

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A saddle jewel gives your saddle that little bit extra. Saddle jewelery is available in various shapes and sizes. They are the ideal way to spice up your horse's saddle and to complete the appearance of the animal. There are various situations in which the appearance of your horse could use a little extra. Consider, for example, a competition where a jury is present. Some extra bling can earn you extra points. But it is also nice to spice up the appearance of your horse for a photo shoot.

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A saddle jewel is therefore the perfect way to spice up your horse's saddle. This makes the appearance just a little more striking, without these jewels becoming dominant. There is a lot of variation in the field of these jewels. The offer in this area is wide. That is why you will discover everything you need at our online store. It is not without reason that we have the widest range of horse equipment in Europe. That's why you shop at MHS Equestrian.