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winter rug pony 300 g

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Buy winter blanket pony 300 grams

A winter blanket pony of 300 helps to keep your horse warm during the harsh days of a long winter. Because the coat of a pony or shetland is shaved, it does not offer enough protection against (extreme) cold. It is therefore necessary that your horse gets a jacket, just like a human, so that he or she does not have to shiver on his legs! The pony winter blanket 300 grams enables your horse to go outside on cold days, without getting cold and having to contend with infections or other illnesses.

What can the winter blanket pony 300 grams do for me?

A winter blanket pony 300 grams helps your pony or mini shetlander to stay nice and warm in chilly temperatures. That means that your horse can just go outside with you to ride and play (not too long, of course, because the cold remains cold). MHS Equestrian offers many different winter blankets, including those of 300 grams. You can opt for an extra neck piece to also protect your horse's neck against frost. This depends on your wishes and situation. A pony winter blanket offers your horse optimal protection, while his freedom of movement is hardly limited by the wide pleats. Thanks to the soft padding at the chest and shoulders, you also have little chance of abrasion.