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A driving blanket protects your shetlander against cold, rain and flies. The blanket is very easy to put on and take off, so ideal during a driving trip. You will find various types and materials in our webshop.

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A driving rug protects your shetlander against the cold

If you go outside with your shetlander, for example during a ride, a driving rug is recommended. This blanket protects your horse against the changeable, Dutch weather conditions. A sudden change in the weather? That is no problem thanks to the water-repellent exterior of the blanket.

When it's cold outside, the driving rug ensures that your shetland stays warm and keeps his muscles supple. He won't get too hot quickly: the breathable fabric ensures that excess heat is dissipated to the exterior.

If you regularly train your horse intensively, you may choose to shave him to help him get rid of his heat. You will also spend much less time getting out after a workout. If your horse is shaved, a good blanket is a pretty addition. Do you also shave your horse in the fall and winter? Then a good blanket is a must!

Other functions of the driving rug

When after the winter the sunny and warm times come again, the various types of blankets also provide protection to your shetland or miniature horse against flying vermin. In the summer, your horse can suffer from all those buzzing and stinging hornets or mosquitoes.

During a ride, all those tickling insects cause restlessness for both you and your body. A driving rug is then the ideal protection. Conveniently, these blankets are made in such a way that you can attach them very easily. You don't have to loosen the reins completely and you attach the blanket with a handy Velcro closure.

Easily visible on the road

Do you regularly drive on roads where you also encounter other traffic? Then choose safety and use one of our reflective driving rugs. For example, Ideal has a water-repellent blanket with reflective strips for extra visibility.

Always the right blanket at MHS Equestrian

All our blankets are available in a variety of colors and prints. We have special stable blankets, summer rugs, fly blankets and more. Would you like advice on which blanket would best suit your horse? We are happy to advise you.