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Driving rugs

A driving blanket protects your shetlander against cold, rain and flies. The blanket is very easy to put on and take off, so ideal during a driving trip. You will find various types and materials in our webshop.

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    Bucas Therapy Quarter Sheet Exercise Blanket
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A blanket with a different purpose

Most protective blankets for ponies are designed to protect your miniature horse against several weather conditions. Rain blankets, for instance, protect your Shetland pony against heavy rainfall, winter blankets are  keeping your Falabella pony warm when it gets very cold and a summer blanket protects your pony against the heat, during a heat wave.

This blanket has a different purpose, it does not protect your horse against the weather but against certain very annoying insects: flies. Flies can be a real nuisance for Shetland ponies, Falabellas, Welsh ponies and other miniature horses, especially in summertime. They buzz around your pony, sit on its coat and sting. This hurts, naturally, and the pony can get very stressed. With a fly rug you can prevent this – to some extent – from happening.


The working a fly blanket work

A fly blanket prevents the flies from stinging, but how does that work? First of all, they keep the flies at a distance from your Shetland pony, Falabella or Welsh pony. The typical colours of the blanket, for example a zebra print, confuse the flies and keep them away. Besides, the gnat bites are reduced to a minimum because the blanket is made of material so strong and thick, that flies and gnats do not manage to sting through it. That’s why the insects can only annoy and sting the ponies in the areas which are not covered by the blanket.


Total package or just a fly mask

If you want to avoid uncovered areas, the best solution is a complete package for your miniature horse. Your pony will be covered from top to toe by a protective layer. Flies have no chance of stinging and your horse has complete freedom of movement. If your pony only gets stung around the eyes, a part of the package might suffice. A fly mask, in this case. Protective coatings especially for the tail exist as well. At Minihorseshop you can buy all these different components separately, this way you can decide which parts you want and which parts you don’t want. If you order the products for your pony at Minihorseshop, you can be sure of several things: a very good price, exceptionally good quality and a very quick delivery. Orders received before 17.00 hrs. will be dispatched on the same day.