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For your new born foal you will find special foal rugs at MHS Equestre. High quality rugs with which your foal can withstand bad weather and be protected from the cold.

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Avoid a false start of a pony life, buy a foal blanket

Surely you want to prevent something happening to your miniature horse of Shetland pony or other horse at all costs, but in case of a young foal, you will be extra careful. You’ll watch over the young pony as if it were your own child and you’ll do anything to keep it safe and healthy. In order to prevent disease you keep your pony warm and dry because the weather is unpredictable. Still, there is more you can do; your foal will be better prepared outdoors, if you give it a blanket for extra protection. The foal can wear the blanket also indoors. It can be rather cold in the stable sometimes, when there’s a strong wind, there’s usually also a draught in the stable and when it’s very cold outside, the temperature In the stable will also drop. A foal blanket, depending on which type of blanket you buy, will protect your little pony against all weather conditions.

The product range at MHS Equestrian

We, at Minihorseshop, understand that you want to keep your little Shetland, Falabella or Welsh pony from catching a cold, and that you will not take any chances. That’s why we offer only foal blankets especially designed to face all kinds of bad weather. All our foal blankets are made of water-repellent material, so precipitation will no longer be a problem. Thus far about the similarities between the foal blankets, for there are also a lot of difference between our foal blankets. We have, for example, foal blankets of 100 grams and of 150 grams and the foal blankets come in many different sizes. There’s always one that fits your pony. And finally the blankets for your foal come in a wide variety of colours, plain (for example red, pink or blue) or with many different patterns. Imagine the effect of a blanket with zebra print on your little pony!

MHS Equestrian

Red or pink, zebra or giraffe print, no matter which foal blanket you buy for your pony, at MHS Equestrian you will always get the best price. This does not mean that our blankets are of inferior quality. Quite the contrary, quality is very important to us, that is why we offer prime quality only. On top of this, these excellent products will be delivered super-fast. Our principle: ordered today, dispatched today.