A rug protects your shetlander or mini-horse from the cold when he is in the stable. A stable is often not a completely closed space. Prevent your horse catching a cold!

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Stall Rugs

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  1. BR 4-EH Stable Rug Original
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  2. Bucas Select Quilt 150 SD
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  3. Bucas Select Quilt 300 SD
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  4. Bucas Select Quilt 300 SF
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  5. Horseware Rambo Cosy Stable Heavy 400g
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  6. Horseware Rambo Dustbuster
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Protect your pony, also indoors, with a stable blanket

A stable rug can be very practical, not many people are aware of that.  A winter blanket or a rain blanket, no problem, but a non waterproof blanket for inside? They are way off! A stable blanket is very useful indeed for miniature horses. They contribute to the wellbeing of the pony by creating the right body temperature. A stable is not a closed building, usually the place is exposed to draught, cold and wind. When your horse wears the same winter blanket both indoors and out, the change is still considerable. If you use a stable blanket indoors and add a rain blanket or winter blanket for outdoors, the transition is less severe. Stable blankets are usually made of very stretchy material, allowing your pony great freedom of movement.


Do not rush into buying a stable blanket

It would be a bad idea to rush into buying a stable blanket. First you have to consider a couple of things. A stable blanket should meet your specific requirements and it must fit your pony perfectly. In addition, the rug must be of excellent quality, because stable blankets are exposed to a lot of things: the cold, surely, but also manure, urine and mud, if the pony takes a rest on the stable floor. And think about all the washing it needs, to get the dirt out. If you have a stable blanket of inferior quality, chances are that you’ve got to buy a new one in no time. You would do well to buy a quality stable blanket for your Shetland, Falabella or Welsh pony and fortunately you’ll find these rugs in large amounts at Minihorseshop.com.

After all, we sell prime quality only! When it comes to the other points, the blanket meeting your requirements and perfect fitting, you’ve come to the right shop. We, at Minihorseshop.com, offer a wide range of blankets, including stable blankets in all sizes and colours and with all possible extras for Shetland, Falabella, Welsh and other ponies.


Delivery and service

Not only do we deliver prime quality products, also  delivery and service are well-organized in this online shop. All products for your pony, including stable blankets, will be delivered very fast. If you order before 17.00 hrs., your blanket will be dispatched on the very same day. Besides, we also supply the necessary background information on each of our products, enabling you to make the right choice.