Summer Rugs

Protect your shetland pony or miniature horse from heat, UV radiation, dirt and discoloration with the help of a suitable summer rug.

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Keep your pony cool with a summer blanket

When we’re heading south in summertime, looking for the sun, or if our country is hit by a heatwave, we protect ourselves from the sun with lots of sun protection cream, big parasols, and if possible, we take a refreshing dip in the cool water. For ponies, obviously, this is not an option. Shetland ponies, Welsh ponies, Falabellas, they are all dependent on what we do when it’s really hot. We’d be well-advised to keep the ponies in the shade, but during a ride or a match this is not always possible. An alternative has to be found. It so happens that this alternative already exists: The summer blanket. At first glance this summer blanket has many similarities with different kinds of protective blankets for Shetland ponies, Falabellas and Welsh ponies – like rain blankets and winter blankets – but there really is a difference. The other blankets prevent from the cold, whereas the purpose of a summer blanket is to keep the heat away. The summer blanket is made of special cooling fabric which keeps the body temperature of your pony at a comfortable level and your miniature horse feels fine, even on very warm days.

Discoloration and dirt

The main purpose of a summer blanket is protection from the heat by the cooling fabric, but this blankets has more advantages. When brushing your horse is not your favourite pastime and you’d like to bring this down to a minimum, you’ll like the horse blanket. This blanket makes sure that you miniature horse stays clean, even when it’s been lying in mud, manure, or other dirt. Besides, the blanket prevents discoloration. The coat of a pony can fade considerably, when in the sun for some time. Some pony owners don’t like this. They like their pony to keep its original colour and make sure it’s always protected with a summer blanket when outside.

The choices you have to make

Before buying a summer blanket, which you will of course, after reading about all the advantages, you will have to make a couple of decisions. The colour of course, or the pattern, but also more important things. What size does your Shetland pony, Falabella or other pony need exactly? Anyway, whatever you choose, at you’ll always find something that meets your requirements and that fits your pony perfectly. Besides, quick delivery is guaranteed here, if you order before 17.00 hrs. we will dispatch your delivery on the very same day, so you and your pony can enjoy the new blanket very soon!