Protect your shetland pony or miniature horse from the cold and rain with the help of a nice winter rug. Available in the most diverse sizes, so there is also a suitable rug for your horse!

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Winter Rugs

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  1. BR 4-EH Outdoor Rug 340gr Plum
    Regular Price £85.45 As low as £68.35
  2. BR 4-EH Outdoor Rug Combo 340gr Plum
    Regular Price £94.95 As low as £80.70
  3. BR 4-EH Outdoor Rug Dahlia 150gr
    Regular Price £80.70 As low as £60.52
  4. Bucas Freedom Turnout 150
    Regular Price £75.91 As low as £60.72
  5. Bucas Freedom Turnout 300
    Regular Price £80.66 As low as £64.52
  6. Bucas Irish Turnout Extra
    Regular Price £103.55 As low as £82.84
  7. Bucas Power Turnout Extra
    Regular Price £270.75 As low as £216.60
  8. Bucas Smartex Extra
    Regular Price £242.25 As low as £171.00
  9. Bucas Smartex Rain
    As low as £166.25
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Protect your pony against the cold with a winter blanket

When winter comes and the temperatures slowly drop, all of us immediately start looking for our winter coats. We do not even think about entering the freezing cold in our summer outfits. Miniature horses, Shetland ponies and other ponies have their own coats which grows thicker in wintertime, so they don’t need a winter coat. Many miniature horses, Shetland ponies and little ponies however, are clipped for trainings, for shows or even on medical advice. When they have been clipped, they can very well catch a cold and besides, their waterproof protective layer is gone. This can be compensated by a nice, warm, waterproof winter blanket. Some miniature horses don’t even grow a thick winter coat at all, so they need some extra help.


A variety of winter blankets and rain blankets in our Minihorseshop

Winter blankets come in many different shapes and sizes, all of which you’ll find in this online store. Your pony not only a needs winter blanket for extremely cold weather, but a similar blanket - a little thinner - for other moments, is also advisable. The stable blankets and the outdoor blankets differ in thickness and the outdoor blanket is waterproof. Besides, there is a winter blanket for each breed, matching the standard sizes of this breed. We have winter blankets especially for Shetland ponies, but also for Falabellas and miniature horses, the sizes match the measurements of that type of pony. On top of that, winter blankets come in many different colours and in various prints. You will always find a blanket that is exactly to your liking and very well suited for your pony at the same time. The stuffing varies from 0 grams (no stuffing) only protection against wind and rain, to 200, 300, 400 and even 500 grams. Here you will find the right blanket for every weather condition. And finally; at you will find different brands of winter blankets at various prices, so everyone can find an affordable blanket.



We have a wide product range, as you’ve already seen. But that’s not all. We, the biggest web shop in Europe, also have very competitive prices. Not only for winter blankets for your Shetland pony or Falabella, also for all other products for your pony. The sizes of our products are in complete accordance with the size of Shetland ponies, miniature horses and little ponies. On top of that, we deliver very quickly. If you order today before 17.00 hrs, we will dispatch your package today. Finally, our service is also excellent, our order system is very customer-friendly, we offer personal advice and extensive information on all our products, to enable you to make the right choice for you and your pony.