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A good saddlepad protects the back of your shetland or mini horse against pressure and irritation spots of the saddle. You also protect your saddle against dirt, dust and sweat. At MHS Equestre you will find a wide selection of saddlepads from different brands and in various colors.

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A good saddle cover protects the back of your horse

When you place a saddle cover (also known as a saddle pad) under your saddle, you protect your shetlander or mini-horse from any pressure spots or abrasion spots that can be caused by the saddle. In addition, you protect the saddle itself against dirt, dust and sweat. In the first instance it is of course important that the saddle fits well, but a saddle cover provides just that extra comfort that is pleasant for your mini horse or shetlander.

The right saddle cover for your mini horse or shetland

The range of saddle covers is large. When choosing a saddle cover for your horse it is important to pay attention to a number of things. First look carefully at the size and shape of your saddle. The saddle pad must be wide and long enough so that the saddle does not touch the skin of your horse.

In our size chart you can see which saddle cover suits your shetland or mini horse. The range of saddle pads that you find in our range consists of different brands, such as QHP, BR and Harry’s Horse. You can also choose from a wide range of colors.

Your saddle cover must have a lining that ensures proper regulation of sweat and moisture. Saddle and girth loops on the saddle cover prevent the cover from sliding. The saddle pad must not wrinkle under the saddle. This causes pressure spots. For that reason it is important that a saddle cover is made of sturdy fabric that is washable in the washing machine.

Colors and trends in saddle pads

At MHS Equestrian you will find dozens of saddle covers in all kinds of colors and materials. The softly padded saddle pads are available in suede or poly cotton. You can also choose different patterns.