A perfectly fitting saddle is essential if you want your child to ride on your shetland or mini horse. MHS Equestre offers a wide selection of saddles especially for small horses.

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A wide range of saddles for your shetland or miniature horse at MHS Equestrian

In our webshop you will find different saddles especially for your shetland or miniature horse. The saddles are lightweight and available in various children's sizes. We sell both leather and plastic ones. Plastic and imitation leather saddles have the advantage that they are friendly to the wallet and can be easily cleaned.

A leather saddle, on the other hand, has an even nicer seat and a beautiful, authentic look. A leather horse saddle does require a bit more maintenance, but with the right care and care products, a leather saddle has an incredibly long life.

A well-fitting saddle is important

Obviously the saddle has to fit like a glove. This applies to both you and your horse. If the saddle is not properly placed on your horse's back, this will cause irritation and pain, causing him to forcefully walk in an attempt to reduce the pain.

This forced walking can lead to muscle cramps, back pain or painful pressure points.

Fitting a saddle is therefore of great importance. When trying on a saddle, experience how it lies on your horse's back. Does the saddle lie well on your back, does it not bounce and is it comfortable when you ride it? Adjust the saddle to the physique of the little rider. The size of a saddle is indicated by default in inches.

We recommend checking that the saddle size is correct. How? Measure the distance from the rider's seat to the edge of the rear boom. This should be a hand's breadth.

Our experts are happy to advise you

When buying a saddle there is quite a lot to consider. So it's not something you just do. Therefore, always get good advice beforehand, for example by the experienced experts at MHS Equestrian. We can be reached on working days and we are happy to help you.

You can fit an ordered saddle at home in peace. You have 90 days to do so. If the saddle still does not fit, you can simply return it. A nice idea!