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Martingales & Market Harboroughs

The martingale and thiedeman rein ensure that your shetland or miniature horse can not raise his head too far. In our webshop you will find help reins that are tailored to the smallest horses.

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Auxiliary reins for small horses

At MHS Equestrian you will find various help reins, including the martingale and the thiedeman. The sizes of the reins from our webshop are tailored to the size of your miniature horse. You will always find a suitable copy.

Auxiliary reins ensure that your shetlander or miniature horse cannot throw his head up too far. It can help the little rider to drive his horse more easily and safely. Of course, every auxiliary must be used with a soft hand.

Support rein martingale

A popular auxiliary is the martingale. The martingale consists of a belt, one end of which is attached to the girth, between the front legs of your horse. The other end splits into two narrower straps.

A ring is attached to the end of the narrow straps. The reins should run through these rings. The head strap is held up by a strap around the neck of your shetlander around miniature horse.

If your horse raises its head too high, this auxiliary rein works through the bit on the layers in the mouth of your horse. The longer you let the martingale rein, the higher your horse can lift its head.

The martingale can make the bridle pressure more even while riding, making this auxiliary rein ideal for beginning riders.

Assistant rein thiedeman

The working of a thiedeman auxiliary rein is comparable to that of the martingale. This bridle consists of a belt around the neck of your horse. A belt runs through the bottom of this belt and is attached to the webbing. As with the martingale, the end splits into two narrower straps. These are passed through the bit rings and are then attached to one of the rings on the bridle with a clip.

Learning aids reins from MHS Equestrian

In our webshop you will find both martingale and thiedeman aid reins, made from supple leather in high quality. We advise you to properly maintain your reins with one of our leather care products. Proper maintenance considerably extends the life of your leather products!