Lungeing & Schooling Aids

Looking for an assistant rein for lunging? If you use an assistant reins, you emphasize the good posture and balance of your shetland or mini horse.

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Lunging your shetland or mini horse

At MHS Equestrian you can choose from various help reins that you can use for lunging. Our longeersingel for example has a length of 100-140 cm. This is exactly the right length for your shetland or mini horse. The girth is covered with soft layers of fabric for extra comfort and is equipped with many rings, making it more than adjustable.

By lunging you give your shetlander or mini horse a nice exercise and training. At the lunge girth your horse walks leisurely forwards-downwards with no weight on its back, which makes it easier for him to walk in the right position.

With a lot of variation during lunging you keep your horse active. As long as you are unpredictable, your horse will remain alert and learn to respond to your voice.

Auxiliary reins for lunging

You can emphasize good posture and balance of your shetlander while you are lunging by using various aids. When lunging, a side rein is the most obvious choice.

This bridle provides a direct connection between the bit in the mouth of your horse and the lunge girth. You can adjust the length of the side bracket, which allows you to adjust the body posture of your horse.

A lunging aid is also used regularly. With this help rein your shetlander or mini horse can relax his back optimally. The lunging aid is adjustable, is often made of strong plastic and is covered with soft fabric.

A lunging aid and a side rein are the most commonly used auxiliary reins for longing. In addition, you have the pessoa, with an elastic piece that runs around the hind legs, or a neck extender, that runs behind the ears through the bit rings to the girth.

Expert advice from our experts

In short, all kinds of different reins with different functions are available. We recommend that you never use an auxiliary rein without your knowledge of how it works.

Always get good advice beforehand, for example by the experts at MHS Equestrian. You can reach us on weekdays between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM for all your questions. We are happy to help you.