MHS Equestre offers everything to make the stable as comfortable as possible. In addition, you will find a wide range of licks, toys, slow-feeders and all sorts of necessities to make the meadow a safe place.

Your horse stable is the most important place for your horse. Horses spend a good part of the day in the stable, especially in the winter! It is therefore important that your horse has sufficient freedom of movement, fresh air and daylight. Important is therefore to make the stable as comfortable as possible for your horse.

MHS Equestrian helps with this. This way you will find everything you need in the webshop to keep the horse stable clean and tidy. For example, think of storage boxes and cleaning bags!

In addition, you naturally want to do everything possible to keep your horse as fit as possible. Horses naturally eat throughout the day. This keeps the digestion of a horse going. Outside, when grazing, when there is enough grass, it is not that difficult. Of course in the stable!

To ensure that there is always enough fresh hay, you can use a hay net or slowfeeder. Because of this your horse has to make more effort to eat the roughage and it does not lie on the ground, so it stays clean!

Can your horse use a boost of vitamins and minerals or do you just want to pamper it once in a while? That is possible with a horse snack or biscuit! The sweets and licks that you find in our range are low in sugar. In addition, they contain extra vitamins and minerals to give your horse some extra energy on a warm day or after strenuous exercise.

MHS Equestrian offers a wide range licks, as well as playing balls in different colors and even scents that you can use both in the stable and in the meadow. And with the Snack-a-Ball your horse will be sweet for a long time: this feed roller bar has a hole and only by rolling the ball does your horse get a lump from the ball.

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