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Cord for your electric fence

If you want to leave your horse somewhere temporarily and you want to make sure it can't get away, then a rope is an ideal way to do that. This scare cord carries the electricity and ensures that your horse does not try to break out. Electric fencing cord is somewhat different from electric fencing, because it has no sharp points. At MHS Equestrian we offer this in various colors and sizes, so that your cord stands out and you can buy enough. Remember to always buy a little more than you think you need, so you never run out.

The best cord for your fence

It is important that you purchase the correct cord for your fence and that you use the type of insulator that matches it. This choice is determined by the type of fence you want to make. Should it be permanent, or movable, for example? Fencing cord consists of plastic wires containing stainless steel wires. The conduction is very good and that means that not only does your horse stay within the fence, but it also keeps other horses and animals out. You can easily set up a piece of pasture with it, for example if you temporarily don't want your horse to go there.