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Your horse is safe with the fence energizers from MHS Equestrian

When it comes to fence energizers, MHS Equestrian has a large choice. It is important that you make this choice right, as it should keep your horse in the fence in a normal way. So ask one of our employees for help with the purchase. They know exactly which fence energizer is best for horses, especially for your horse and your situation. When choosing, pay attention to the type of grass with which the scaring devices perform best for your horse. Sometimes, for example, tall grass can lead to a less good flow.

fence energizers at MHS Equestrian

With us you will find a large choice and in addition to the fence energizer you will also need some accessories. There are also scaring devices for horses that work on solar energy. You also need a wire that you use and a power supply. If you place your electric fence along a road or footpath, you will need warning signs. There are also scaring devices that you can take with you when, for example, you go on a trip with your horse or if you stay overnight at a competition. The great thing about electric fences is that you not only keep your horses inside, but other animals also stay away.