Aid climbing two steps

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Order a climbing aid with 2 steps via MHS Equestrian

Buying a 2-step climbing aid can be a good idea for several reasons. Step aids with 2 steps help you when you just can't get on a horse properly. If the ascent is too much trouble for you, a 2-step ascent aid can help you. Not only if you are small, but also if you are hindered by a disability, such help can be a solution. An additional advantage is that a climbing aid relieves the pressure on the back of your horse. It is therefore also better for your horse to use an aid.

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Within the range of our online shop there are many variants of a climbing aid available. For example, you can order climbing aids with 2 steps in various colors. If you need a little higher help, you can also consider ordering a climbing aid with 3 or even 4 steps via our site. As you are used to from us, the prices are sharper compared to our competitors. The quality of the products we offer is beyond question.