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The bee beak: the solution against pests

A bee beak is recommended for anyone who regularly suffers from pests in the stable in the summer. The cause of this can be a butt joint in the wall. Wasps, bees and other insects penetrate through these small openings. This can already be done through a very small hole, which you can hardly see with the naked eye. The solution for this is simple: bee beaks! A bee's mouth is a metal mold that you place in the butt joint, so that the bugs cannot find their way inside.

Buy bee beak

Buying a bee beak is cheap and easy, but it can solve many problems and is therefore highly recommended. At MHS Equestrian you can buy a bowl for € 1.75, and you will receive it within a few working days. You do not need any tools to place the mouth in a wall, you can easily place it by hand and you can easily do this yourself. Once you have placed the basin, the material and the shape ensure that your cavity wall continues to ventilate well.