Dressage arena letter

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Dressage arena letter dressage

If you are going to practice outside in the arena, box letters for dressage are not a luxury. These dressage box letters are ideal for making markings. In this way rider and horse know exactly where to go. Letters in the riding arena for dressage are not just markings, they are literally lettered. This way the rider can see the sequence and knows exactly where the rider and the horse should go. A very handy accessory to have.

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Baking letters are essential for training, but can also be used during competitions. You decide which letters you need. The entire alphabet is available. These letters are made of sturdy materials, remain well in the ground and are naturally very durable. As you are used to from us, you can buy your horse equipment from us for friendly prices. In addition, we have the largest selection of horse equipment, so you will find everything you need with us.