Fine mesh hay net

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Buy fine-mesh hay net

A hay net is a net filled with hay, with a small feed opening from which the horse can graze. Known materials for the hay net include cotton and polypropylene. It is important that the fabric of the hay net does not irritate your horse's skin. If every horse has its own fine-meshed hay net, there will be no quarrels between the animals. The chance or boredom also decreases, because the animal has to do its best for its food (without this being sad - it becomes a kind of game, a challenge). Slow feeding also prevents stomach ulcers.

What can a fine-meshed hay net do for me?

There are numerous benefits of using a fine-grained hay net. With the help of such a net you can concentrate all the feed your horse needs in one place. If the hay net is fine-meshed, it means that the mesh in the fabric is very small, so there is little chance that hay will get through. So the hay stays safely in the bag, even if your horse is going wild with it. Because you hang the hay net above the ground, animals such as mice, rats and small, crawling insects cannot reach it. In addition, the horse cannot stand on the hay and does not become soiled, which means that it stays clean and nice and fresh for longer.