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Why a fly lamp should be installed in every barn

A fly lamp can prevent many irritations and even health problems for your horse. In the summer, the small insects fly around in abundance, and this can not only cause an annoying buzz, it can also make your horse sick. For example, the horses can get itching a lot or be allergic to the animals. Of course you want to prevent that. Fly lamps are the perfect solution. You can easily hang them up, they are very affordable and they efficiently keep flies away from your stable. But where do you actually buy a flying lamp?

Buy a fly lamp

You can purchase a flying lamp at MHS Equestrian, where you have the choice between several copies. Whichever lamp you choose, all orders will be delivered to your home within five working days and can be returned for free if you have ordered the wrong lamp. When purchasing, please note that some variants need to be replaced annually in order to continue to work properly.