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Fly spray to scare away insects

If you are bothered by flying insects such as flies or mosquitoes in the stable, buying fly spray is not a superfluous luxury. A fly spray for horses is easy to use and offers protection against unwanted insects for up to eight hours. A strong concentration of the liquid ensures that the bugs are kept out. Do not worry about the smell: the fly spray is hardly or not at all for people and horses to smell. It is important that you do not spray the spray near the eyes or mouth of the horse.

Order fly spray from MHS Equestrian

Do you want to buy a fly spray to protect your horse? Then you can contact MHS Equestrian. This spoke must be sprayed on the horse's coat and can continue to work for up to eight hours. The spray has of course been dermatologically tested and is free from biocides, colors and preservatives. This makes the spray not dangerous for your horse's skin.