Horesefly catcher

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Horsefly catcher wanted? You buy them here

A horsefly catcher is the ideal tool to protect your horse against these annoying insects. Your horse will suffer from insects, especially during the summer months. Now you can buy blankets for this to keep these insects from getting on your horse's body, but some insects are so cheeky they don't care. Horse flies are a good example of this. However, you can prevent these insects from becoming a problem using horsefly catchers.

How can a horse fly catcher help you?

A horse fly catcher does exactly what its name implies: it catches horse flies. These insects are, as it were, lured into a trap, after which they can no longer escape and therefore can no longer bother your horse. This prevents a lot of problems. Horse flies are not only irritating, but their bite can also pass on bacteria to your horse. Then antibiotics are needed to combat this. Prevent such problems and purchase a horse fly catcher through our online shop.