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A horse rack is a smart purchase for feeding your horses. The design of horse grapes ensures that your horses do not fill themselves up with feed such as hay in one go. You can also buy a horse grape for feeding concentrates. Moreover, a rack ensures that the feed does not fall to the ground, so that it remains good for longer. Dosed food is healthier for a horse, because in nature a horse does not eat large quantities. Therefore buy a suitable rack through our webshop.

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Thanks to the design of this rack, a horse can always eat, but it does so at a leisurely pace. Moreover, you can also feed several horses at the same time with this accessory. If you order a horse grape through our online shop, you can choose from many variants. The choice is large, especially when it comes to dimensions. As you are used to from us, you will not find other comparable products with a better ratio between price and quality.