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A horsefly trap is recommended if you want to optimally protect your horse. Horse flies are particularly nasty insects that can bother your horse during the summer. They are a kind of flies that can sting your horse. This is not only very annoying, but the bites of horse flies can also pass on a bacteria that can make your horse sick. He will then need antibiotics to recover from this. A horse trap can prevent many of these problems.

What kind of horsefly trap do you choose?

Horsefly traps come in many varieties. There are traps in the form of sprays or glue, but you can also opt for a more standard horsefly trap. Whichever variant you choose, you are sure that you will find it within the wide range of MHS Equestrian. It is not without reason that we are the largest online store in Europe in the field of horse equipment. Moreover, you can also purchase these items for a low price.