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Likit holder

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A Likit holder is ideal for carrying various licks. Horses love salt licks, but these stones get dirty quite quickly when they roll too much on the ground. To avoid such problems, you can purchase a holder for Likit stones. Likit holders can secure several stones at the same time, so that your horse can enjoy himself for hours undisturbed. In addition, such stones can contain minerals that are a welcome addition to a horse's diet. So it is also a healthy option.

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Most Likit holders are provided with a rope on the basis of which you can hang the holder in the stable. Containers can be made of various materials, but in practice plastic is often chosen. You can keep various licks on this, so that your horse can also vary in terms of flavors. This gives the horse some welcome distraction in the stable. Within our range you will find holders for good prices that are of high quality.