Mosquito killing lamp

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How a mosquito lamp can provide more hygiene in your barn

As soon as summer comes, a mosquito lamp comes in handy in your stable. When the temperatures rise, more mosquitoes fly around that can cause unpleasant situations for your horse. Mosquito lamps often attract the bugs through a UV light or magnet, which ensures that they all fly towards the lamp. The mosquitoes are electrocuted by contact with the mosquito lamp and can no longer come near your horses. The lack of buzzing around your head is also a plus when looking after your horses.

Buy a mosquito lamp

You order a mosquito lamp at MHS Equestrian, where the lamp comes with a handy collection tray where the mosquitoes fall when they have come into contact with the lamp. This way, the mosquitoes do not end up on the ground, but you only have to empty the container every now and then. The hook at the top makes it easy to hang the lamp wherever you want in the barn. You can also contact us for individual UV lamps against insects.