Mouse glue trap

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Mouse glue for a mouse trap

Mouse glue is glue specially designed to catch mice easily. You can spread the glue on the floor of the stable or on a cardboard that you put in these places, preferably in the places where you have already seen mice walking around. Because the glue is very strong, the legs stick in it, so you have caught a mouse in no time. Because most mouse glues are non-toxic, the bugs stay alive and you can release them again in a place far from the riding school. Make sure you never stick the glue near the horses, because although mouse glue is often odor, odor and poison free, it can still be harmful to your horse's health.

Order mouse glue

Do you suffer from mice and do you want to buy mouse glue? Then you can go to MHS Equestrian, where you can choose between different mouse glue tubes. Do you want to increase the chances of a good catch? Then place a piece of cheese or lick peanut butter next to the glue. Mice are guaranteed to come to this.