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Plastic obstacle block

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Need a plastic obstacle block? You buy it at MHS Equestrian

A plastic obstacle block is a handy tool to have. You can use these plastic obstacle blocks to practice small jumps, but a plastic obstacle block also has its added value during exercises on the ground. Moreover, you don't have to pay much for these blocks when you order them through our online store. MHS Equestrian offers you the lowest prices of the moment, while you also benefit from pleasant customer conditions.

The advantages of a plastic obstacle block

Thanks to the light weight of the material, you can easily move this obstacle block. Plastic is a material that lasts a long time, so you will enjoy this accessory for a long time. Moreover, it can be used in many types of training. This way you can use it both during lunging and during groundwork to make the horse more aware of its surroundings. Environmental awareness is also very important for a horse.