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If a horse does not cooperate and does not want to go into the trailer, a trailer loading aid is indispensable. These ropes ensure that your horse still enters the trailer without any problems. It is a good motivator but nevertheless ensures that your horse makes its way to the trailer in a comfortable way. This rope is placed behind the buttocks, after which it becomes easier for you as the owner to guide your horse to the trailer. Trailer loading aids come in many variants.

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A loading aid for the trailer can therefore be invaluable. If you don't have this help, it is sometimes almost impossible to get your horse in a trailer. Moreover, this is an animal-friendly way that the horse will not be bothered by. This aid is therefore recommended for anyone who is regularly on the road with his horse. You will always find what you need in our range, also in the field of these types of aids. That is why you choose MHS Equestrian.